D&M SITE, Inc. provides construction and material testing services for projects during construction.  These services are vital to determine if the materials and workmanship are in accordance to the plans and specifications for the project. We also have a fully-functional laboratory, with trained staff, to conduct the necessary testing of materials. 

Our staff is competent in providing the following services:

  • Asphalt/Concrete Batch Testing
  • Asphalt Density Testing
  • Soil/Fill Density Testing
  • Aggregate/Engineering Fill Evaluation
  • Concrete Strength Verification
  • In-Situ Materials Testing
  • Paving/Coring Evaluations
  • Storm Water Control Evaluations
  • Sub-Grade Stability Evaluations

D&M personnel are highly qualified and trained to provide these services, and hold certifications from recognized agencies to do so.

  • Certified Nuclear Density Testing Equipment Operator
  • Certified Density Technician
  • Certified Aggregate Technician
  • Certified Bituminous Laboratory Technician
  • Certified Concrete Field Testing Technician, Level I
  • Certified Advanced Concrete Technician, Level II
  • Certified Storm Water Operator for Construction Sites